Desember 7, 2022

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Komuter menghadapi gangguan perjalanan dengan pemogokan di stasiun Tube

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Stasiun kereta bawah tanah di London akan ditutup pada hari Senin karena pemogokan yang akan menyebabkan kekacauan perjalanan bagi mereka yang berencana untuk kembali bekerja setelah istirahat panjang Hari Libur Bank.

London Underground menyarankan orang untuk tidak bepergian, memperingatkan gangguan parah di seluruh jaringan dari awal layanan pada hari Senin hingga jam 8 pagi pada hari Selasa.

Anggota serikat pekerja Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) mengambil tindakan industrial dalam perselisihan mengenai pekerjaan dan pensiun.

Transport for London (TfL) mengatakan beberapa layanan kereta api akan beroperasi tetapi banyak stasiun, terutama yang berada di London tengah dan selatan, akan ditutup, sementara yang lain hanya dapat dibuka untuk waktu terbatas.

Layanan TfL lainnya, termasuk DLR, London Overground dan Tram, tidak terpengaruh oleh aksi industri dan akan tetap berjalan tetapi akan lebih sibuk.

TfL mengatakan tidak ada proposal yang diajukan tentang pensiun atau syarat dan ketentuan, dan tidak ada yang akan kehilangan pekerjaan karena proposal yang telah ditetapkan.

Sebagai bagian dari perjanjian pendanaan sebelumnya, Pemerintah telah mewajibkan TfL untuk bekerja mencapai keberlanjutan finansial pada operasinya pada April 2023.

TfL telah mengusulkan untuk tidak merekrut sekitar 500 hingga 600 pos karena mereka menjadi kosong.

Andy Lord, TfL’s chief operating officer, said: “I’d like to apologise to London for the impact this strike will have on journeys.

“We know it’s going to be damaging to London and the economy, at a time when public transport is playing a crucial role in the capital’s recovery.

“While our focus is always on helping everyone travel around London whenever they want, the expected impact of the RMT’s action means we have to advise people to only travel if necessary, as many stations may be closed.

“Alternatives to the Tube, including the bus and rail networks, are likely to be much busier than usual and we expect the severe disruption caused by this strike to continue into the morning of Tuesday June 7.

“No changes have been proposed to pensions and nobody has or will lose their job as a result of the proposals we have set out.

“Working with us to find a resolution is the best course of action, avoiding the disruption this strike will cause to Londoners and the economy.”

The RMT said that, under current proposals, 600 jobs will be lost, working agreements will be torn up and the looming threat to pensions remains in place.

General secretary Mick Lynch said: “We are demanding a direct face to face meeting with mayor Sadiq Khan to sort this mess out.

“There’s no point in our union continuing to sit opposite management representatives who have neither the inclination nor the authority to negotiate a settlement, when the power lies with the mayor.”

Richard Burge, chief executive of the London Chamber of Commerce said: “We are extremely disappointed that the RMT has called for a mass walkout by TfL workers in such close proximity to the Queen’s Jubilee Weekend when London will be full of visitors.

“The last two years hit London disproportionately hard and the capital is desperately trying to claw back some sense of normality after a tumultuous two years.

“This strike now puts TfL in a position of having to recommend that Londoners work from home.

“Ultimately, this will only harm London’s economy and it is time for TfL to sort out their dispute with the RMT so we can get back to building prosperity and showing the world that London is open business.”

RMT members on the Tube are also taking action short of a strike, meaning station staff might not work overtime, until Sunday July 10, which may result in short notice station closures.Komuter menghadapi gangguan perjalanan dengan pemogokan di stasiun Tube.